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In your Head

So i made these tonight or this morning... which ever you chose to believe.

1.Jason- westside
2.Sam- Tell me that you don't love this--
3.Adam Green- Brother is Fly
4.Sir. Green Yet again- I like this one alot-
5.The one isn't for anyone but me but i will post it anyway-
6.Here is my new LJ icon- Hot shit, right?

I love Launch Cast Radio. It is my new favorite thing, It goes well with making icons. I love to make icons, probably more than i like to do alot of things, like my actually school work? yeah. Well i have all of sunday to do my homework.

Do you like my icons? If someone really wants to use them, you can. I would actually be honored, since i think i am improving. I hope...


Good night
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those are pretty sweet.

And school work is over rated
ohh i like 1!
oo that is one hott pic of jason s. why does it say westside?
he is putting up the westside "w" with his hands.