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first update from the mod:

ok, just for the heck of it ill post some stuff that we know about the movie so far.
not everything just a few random/important facts.

i <3 huckabees will be in theatres october 1st.
Schwartzman plays an environmentalist who hires existential detectives to follow and study him to better understand himself and his conflict with an executive of Huckabees department store (jude law).
(credit to entertainment weekly, i basically summarized their version of the plot.)
for a more detailed plot overview, go to the official website, our link above.

huckabees is not a real department store (for those dumb asses who actually believed that....aha.)
the production studios made a website for it though, www.huckabees.com.
fun stuff, coupons for huckabees!! 20% off...lol.
the film will feature cameos from Tippi Hedren and Shania Twain.

the song on the trailor is "Knock Yourself Out" by Jon Brion.
me and the co-mod tried to get it somehow, but we could not find it.
so, if anyone has it or happens to find it, please do share!.

thats all for now.
please promote to people who would be interested in this movie.
we need memebers!

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