Alex (badguitarist) wrote in heart_huckabees,


Mark wahlberg is gonna be on TRL today, i think hes talking about the movie, i think. what else would he be talking about? yeah... so right now im putting up with the MTV so that i can see him...
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=Markwahlberg's character apparently refrences mark wahlberg all the time,

They're all naked in huckabees? he said that, he might have been kidding.

SO they didnt really say that much about the movie.... TRL is not a good source for interviews...

He came in as Tommy? Is that what you are say? That kind of makes me wish I had a TV.

Have you not seen the movie? <-- not to be elitest or anything.

yes, he is not kidding: all the actors are naked all the time in the movie. I so don't understand what you are talking about.
i havent seen the movie yet, sorry... i bet i sound stupid now huh?
A bit but its ok. Ha! Yea, I don't mean to make you feel stupid, I was just confused.